Batch Submissions






I want to know if there will be a feature like     Batch Submissions



For example

I am submitting  100 wallpapers of anime   

but then i want to submit 50 wallpapers of   fantasy and sci-fic

but i cant do that   because  the 100 anime wallpapers are still in the queue

I first have to submit the anime wallpapers  



But if i could put the anime  wallpapers   in the first  batch

then put the fantasy and sci-fic wallpapers in the second batch

this would be great

then i can submit both type of wallpapers simultaneously  by clicking on the first and second batch  during submissions 




8 months ago

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Hi Keji,

If you click on "You Have X Files Waiting" on your profile you will have a link "You need to add info" for each content, by clicking on that link you will be able to add info for that content directly and not for the oldest content in your queue.

Have a great day,


8 months ago

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Then i have to click on it every time i  want to submit fantasy or anime wallpapers 

this could be helpful if i can put the anime wallpapers  in one batch  and    fantasy  wallpapers  in the  second  batch   then  submit  them both   simultaneously

by clicking on batch 1 and batch 2 

8 months ago

To overcome evil with good is good, to resist evil by evil is evil.



It's a good idea, but it's nuanced enough that it's not something we can implement right now. Organizing the submission on your computer into two separate batches, submitting the anime wallpapers, and once those are done, submitting the fantasy wallpapers, would be the ideal flow with our current feature set.


8 months ago

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This feature request has been marked as will not implement. It doesn't mean it's a bad feature request - sometimes things just don't line up with the direction we are currently taking Alpha Coders, or the benefit/difficulty ratio makes it too much for us to implement at this time.
7 months ago