Less Strict With Image Abyss


Hello everyone!

As most of you know there's a pretty constant struggle between letting people submit what they want, and being advertiser friendly.

What's considered advertiser friendly continues to shift - and right now it's getting a lot more strict. Previously when this has happened we have done massive content purges to keep our good standing with the big guys.

We are going to try something new - creating a home for content that isn't advertiser friendly. That home is Image Abyss. It's a natural fit, since the point of Image Abyss is that it's where users can escape some of the nuanced moderation that makes things like Wallpaper Abyss exceptional but also hard to submit to for a lot of users.

The provocative standards for Image Abyss are going to be loosened. Quite a bit. I sense we will have to be even more strict with Wallpaper Abyss in the near future, so that's the other side of the coin.

As with any big change there will be some hiccups as we dial down the exact rules, and people submit images that are right on the border of the new rules. The general goal, however, is: Image Abyss can be a home for content that is not advertiser friendly, but has artistic merit. So still no porno or stuff like that :p But a photo of a statue with no clothes? Sure.

If you are a trusted user and would like to be part of our beta for being able to directly submit not-advertiser friendly content, please private message me. This feature should open up pretty fast to everyone

6 months ago

Dreams never die