Server Moves


Hello everyone!

This week we will be doing some pretty large server moves. Ideally this shouldn't really impact much - but sometimes big moves like this go a bit less than ideal.

One of our new servers will be under a particularly heavy load while we are in the middle of switching things over. Due to this, it's possible that we will turn off the download buttons on Wallpaper Abyss while this change is happening. You will still be able to right click to save an image, and all images should still load normally. So this shouldn't be more than a bit inconvenient. If we do turn off the download buttons for Wallpaper Abyss, they should be off for less than a day, and then things will be back to normal.

I will update this post if we do have to make any temporary changes while doing the server moves.

Thanks everyone!

1 year ago

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