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I'm cutting video content these days ... Would uploading videos to the site be something you would consider Dave ? My videos are no longer than aprox. 2:20 in length . To save disk space I could convert my 1080p content to say 720p or so. I would also condsider a video section for user created materials for said content adding it to this site just like the section is for the wallpaper creators. It's ok if this is't a good idea right now ... I know disk space aint exactly cheap. Perhaps a little space could be added for a storage / user fee that is paid for after a certain amount of storage is exceeded or a payment for buying space for video storage per user or something ... 

Thank you for your time 

1 year ago

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You are welcome to submit your videos to Video Abyss. We haven't really run into disk space being a huge issue up to this point In theory once Video Abyss gets big enough we'll just monetize it like any normal video site

1 year ago

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