Multiple Monitor Wallpapers


Today I was searching a double-monitor wallpaper but I couldn't find any. It could be really good if you add a way to find these wallpaper for example adding the resolution filter: 3840 x 1080.

11 months ago

Hey GreenFlame,

You can put any resolution into our by_resolution page and it will return wallpapers matching that resolution:

Unfortunately multi monitor wallpapers aren't popular enough to hit our popular resolutions list. We used to have a dedicated category for multi monitor wallpapers but it wasn't used very much.

11 months ago

Dreams never die

This feature request has been marked as will not implement. It doesn't mean it's a bad feature request - sometimes things just don't line up with the direction we are currently taking Alpha Coders, or the benefit/difficulty ratio makes it too much for us to implement at this time.
7 months ago