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Hello, i recently dicovored that some of the Wallpapers i created were uploaded here without my approval. While stuff like that happens all the time and i bear no grudge againt that people as long as it linked properly, i still like to be able to claim those Wallpapers. im pretty new here and dont know my way around but i would like to have these wallpapers transfered to my account here so i have at least the controll over it.

Originally i uploaded all my Wallpapers here

I even found one Wallpaper where my signature were cut off so i would like that one to be deleted. here is the original upload. And here is the Alphacoders upload. Cutting of a Signature is a no go so please delete that one.

Also just in case i found more of my Wallpapers here, i would like to know whenever there is a easier way to handle that matter instead of creating a Forum Thread.

thank you in advance


8 months ago


A related topic found here:

We can move any of your personal work to your Alpha Coders account where you have control over the content.

After this happens, we do have a feature called "Reuploading" where you can replace the current image with a better one, larger resolution, a wallpaper with your signature, etc.

You can also monteize your creations by joining our creators program if you want to.


If you wish to go this route, please email with what you would like to do and we can put this into motion for you!



Alpha Coders Community Manager

8 months ago

Thanks you, i sure like  the contend to be moved to my account.

I will give the creators programm some thoughs and will do as stated above if interested.

Thank you for the help

8 months ago


Generally for things like account moves we recommend people email . If the moves haven't already happened, make sure to send an email there with all the relevant information.

8 months ago

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