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Hello,   I have created an account on Alpha Coders as I have decided I would like to find out what options I have there as a waller. My name is Elisa Develon and all the images found here were painted by me:   I have read about the Monetize option for creators on your DMCA page. Before I request monetization of the works, I would have some questions:   1. Since I have a registered account now, can all the walls painted by me be somehow linked to that account? 2. If yes and if that will mean I will be considered the author, will the information stating I am not a registered member and the links to my profile on other sites be deleted or will these stay up? 3. If I would like to update some of the walls with let's say larger versions, should I simply submit them as new images into the gallery and then report the older ones as dupes? Will the statistics (views, likes, downloads, etc) somehow be transferred to the new submissions?   Sorry if this has been answered somewhere already but I did not find it in your FAQ and I did not see any option to search the forum either.   Thanks in advnace!
8 months ago

Hello develon,

1. Any content that is created by you can be moved to your account, and you'll have control over the content.

2. You'll be considered the author or the creator depending on how original the images are. More on that later. You won't be an unregistered member, and will be free to link to any of your other profiles on your profile page, or in the additional content section of each submission.

You are able to replace the current image on a submission with a different version.We call it 'reuploading'. Statistics will move with the submissions.

So at Alpha Coders we have a pretty big distinction between 'author' content and 'creator' content. please make sure to read the valid/invalid types of creator content. We only allow monetization on creator content. Old views won't count towards any creator income if you qualify - we parse creator views a bit more diligently than normal wallpaper views ( and they work differently ) to avoid people gaming the system.

To get started on the process of moving things to you account please send an email to with all the relevant information and our community manager will get things started. Feel free to ask if you have any more questions.

David West
Alpha Coders

8 months ago

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Hello David,

thank you for your help and the heads-up! Much appreciated.

8 months ago