New Feature! ACP Games!


Hey everyone!

Some people have a LOT of Alpha Coder Points (ACP). Using points to try and win raffles is one great way to spend them, but some people aren't interested in the raffles.

That's why today we are launching ACP Games! The goal of ACP Games is to create fun ways to spend points that you earn on the site doing things. We are starting out with one game, and will add at least a couple others.

ACP Game Hub:

With the ACP you earn from using the sites, you can now buy eggs, which turn into either creatures or items. You can then use these creatures in games!

The first game is called The City. The city pits players against each other for control of territory, with the ultimate goal to be the king of the city by conquering The Tower! You use your ACP to buy tiles, and your creatures to attack and defend the tiles you have. Feel free to check it out and click around. You can see who owns which tiles, which upgrades they have on their tiles, and see the creatures they have on the map. There are instructions which are worth a read if you are confused.

Please let me know if you encounter issues, if you have feature requests, or have a type of game that you would like to see be part of ACP Games




11 months ago

Dreams never die


Some updates to the city ACP game:

  • I have increased the drop rate of legendary items
  • Leaderboard
  • Defending creatures now attack back even if the attacker hit them for 0
  • Quite a few placement and display fixes
  • The click menu has a max height for people with lots of creatures
  • Users can now occasionally claim a free egg
  • When the server is down, you are lead to a 'server down' page instead of getting errors all over
  • even more!

I'm really hoping to see more legendary item drops from this. Also the tower is going to be even harder to take. Previously on a bad attack roll, a defending creature would not attack back. Now it will always hit back.

There's more on the way soon!

11 months ago

Dreams never die