Cropping / Enlarging


I wouldl ike to have the Cropping / Enlarging system as on wallpapers on Photograph's and Art too.

9 months ago

Hello Marco717,

It definitely something we have considered - but currently there are no plans for expanding the cropping system to the other sites. There are a couple reasons. The first is how well suited it is to Wallpaper Abyss. All sorts of people have different screen sizes, so it's defnitely useful for taking a large HD image and getting it exactly how you want it.

The second reason is that it takes an additional server to handle a large open cropping system like we have. It's a busy machine, and to add to it's workload would almost definitely mean a hardware upgrade.

Thanks for the feature request Even if we don't plan on implementing something in the near future, it's great for helping us know what everyone is thinking about

8 months ago

Dreams never die

This feature request has been marked as will not implement. It doesn't mean it's a bad feature request - sometimes things just don't line up with the direction we are currently taking Alpha Coders, or the benefit/difficulty ratio makes it too much for us to implement at this time.
8 months ago