Calling All Gamers Out There, Can You Help?


Okay, My hub is retiring soon and we're thinking of getting a Nintendo.  We had one for my son back in the 1980's and watched him play most of the time but we did enjoy playing Dr. Mario together and I forgot all about that until yesterday when he was searching for a system for us to play to pass the time away together.

So, he was saying that the games come loaded already on the Nintendo and then there is a Xbox something or other.  We are not by far big gamers and I'd like to hear your suggestions for 2 retired people who aren't into it that much but would like to play a bit.  Some have 30 games - 200 games and thensome.

If anyone knows these new systems can you give me any recommendations or information on which you from your own experience feels is the best? 

Are any of these systems more compatible with Big Screen LED TV's?

Thank You & Appreciate it ~ Sharon (JerseyGirl)

1 year ago

Hey, theres 3 major consoles out right now that I would look into

Nintendo Switch

Microsoft Xbox One

Sony Playstation 4


For what you're looking for, probably the Switch would be the best, smaller game selection but more "family" stuff and familiar franchises, Mario, Zelda, etc. The console does have a pretty small save space though, so if you start getting past a handful of games you might need to start playing with more harddrive space


Xbox and Playstation are both more powerful systems with much larger harddrive spaces with many more games out there offered, but the majority wouldn't be the type of games you are looking for.


I'd recommend taking a look at which game(s) you want to play then getting a console that those games come on! Some are across 2 or 3 but others are exclusives... I myself only own a Playstation 4 so I'm trying not to be too biased towards them


All systems are compatible with TVs! They shouldnt be too hard to plug in

1 year ago


Thanks for all that information.  I guess it can get confusing when we're not up on the latest and we're not into it as we have other hobbies that keep us occupied but you need to switch things up.  I'm going to print your info and give it to my hub.  I really appreciate it.  I can't imagine some of these systems with 600 games, Whoa!

We did great challenging each other back in the day with Dr. Mario but we conquered that game.

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1 year ago

My thinking is along the same lines as ajak

The Nintendo Switch would probably be a solid route to go - it should have a good life ahead of it.

On the nintendo switch:
Super Mario Odyssey should be a really fun jumping around experience
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a really solid fun racer
Stardew Valley is a smaller game about farming, but I adore it


1 year ago

Dreams never die


Thanks DW   It can be very confusing.

1 year ago