New Feature Update - December 5th 2017!


Hey everyone!

We have a few changes that I wanted to quickly mention.

1. BETA Feature: You can now order your favorite games, movies, and tv shows. If you head to Game Abyss, Movie Abyss, or Tv Abyss and head to your favorites, you will see a 'You Can Order Your Favorites' button. On that page you can drag and drop to change the position of your favorites. is my favorite movie page - and my favorite movie EVER is Terminator 2. It shows up first There are a few wonky things, but that's why I popped a beta label on it.


2. If you get daily emails about new content in your favorite collections, sub categories, characters, or people, we have re-done the backend for this system, and created 'Subscriptions'. If you are set to receive emails about new content, whenever you favorite a collection, it ads an email subscription. Effectively it's the same end result - but it gives you more flexibility, and it will let us do things like subscribing to forum threads without posting about it.

I know that's a little confusing But now you can favorite all sorts of things, and remove emails from the individual ones you aren't THAT interested in.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!


11 months ago

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