Chat has a Minor Bug


When you hit "Enter" to post a comment, and your cursor is not at the very end of the comment, it will split the text where the cursor is.

Lets say I typed this:

Olimar is Awesome

if my curser is between I and S in "is" then it will post in chat looking like this:

Olimar i

s Awesome

8 months ago

If you are looking down on someone, it better be because you are helping them up. 


This bug/trouble has been marked as will fix. Now it's just a matter of waiting for us to get to it! Depending on the site and severity, this could be soon, or take quite a while
8 months ago
This bug/trouble has been marked as resolved. If you encounter it again please start a new topic for it. Please include as much information as is possible, such as the content id, the page, a direct link, your browser, and your operating system. We want to be able to fix your bugs just as much as you want them fixed!

Additionally the user who posted this bug has been awarded 50 ACP for taking the time to help out!

8 months ago