Updated Wallpaper Info Display


Hey everyone!

Today we are testing an updated display for the information below a wallpaper on the big.php page. Things like your powers, the views, downloads, etc of a wallpaper.

Part of what we are testing is whether we can integrate vertical ads into the site display in a meaningful way. Right now our advertising is very horizonal on desktops, but there's a lot more horizontal space on a screen than vertical space. So we're trying to push the information up.

  • Premium users won't see any ads
  • Logged in users will see one horizonal ad above the content, and one vertical ad next to the wallpaper's information
  • Non Logged in users will be a horizonal ad above and below the wallpaper, and a vertical ad next to the wallpaper's information.

The disply is a little more 'clicky' depending on what you are trying to accomplish on the page. Things like viewing the sharing codes for an image, or using the previous/next navigation for the non-default options require one extra click - so please let me know what you like/dislike and we'll try to further improve things

1 year ago

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