NEW Special Raffle - Bounties!


Hey everyone!

First, while this is April 1st, this isn't an April fools joke  

This month we are testing out a new special raffle type - a bounty special raffle.

Here's the short of it: We have generated a list of some popular games, people, movies, tv shows, and other things that we don't have tons of content for. We have attached 'bounties' to these submissions and tags, and you get points when submitting/tagging things on the bounty list.

The bounties:

The scoring URL:

To test out this special raffle type we have over $60 in raffles!

The bounty tells you what sub category or tag to submit to. If the bounty is linked, it links to that sub category/tag. If it's not linked, it means we don't have that sub category/tag yet. The bounty lists content types allowed in the bounty. These are also linked if we already have some content there.

Please feel free to ask questions. You can also suggest bounties. Bounties will be active the whole month, and we are hoping to add more bounties as the month goes on. After this post I will have a short FAQ that I will update as people ask questions.

Thanks everyone!


2 years ago

Dreams never die



Can I suggest a bounty?

Yeah! Bounties are meant to be for things that are popular right now. So it helps if you can also link us to a page/list that supports that something is popular right now (if it's not obvious)

Why are some things linked/not linked?

We link things when sub categories/tags already exist, and just show the name when they don't exist. As the month progresses and people submit things they will be linked.

Are bounties counted immediately?

Linked sub categories and tags are counted immediately, but our scoring page updates every 15 minutes. Non linked ones are counted once the script auto-links things together (typically later that day).

What happens if my content is move/removed?

If content is moved, as long as it's moved to bounty content type, it's still counted. If content is removed it won't count

2 years ago

Dreams never die


 this isn't an April fools joke


Good luck everyone! Hope to see some great content from this!

2 years ago

Good luck everyone, have fun  

2 years ago

For every dark night, there's a brighter day.

Let the wolves run free !


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