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Hey everyone!

So today I had a little encounter where someone said to me that they favorited a bunch of wallpaper and had trouble finding their favorite wallpapers page. Something pretty simple.

Experienced users know how to find their favorite wallpapers, but I thought about it and it was a little too hard for someone just starting to use the sites.

Some people have literally hundreds of thousands of interactions on Alpha Coders. Others don't - they are new, or just favorite something here and there.


I've added a in progress/beta Quick Links section near the top of profile pages that shows what that user has done the most. So someone that just favorites a few wallpaper will immediately see a link to them on their profile. As users get more experienced, they'll naturally come to get the flow of finding everything.

This also has an added benefit of making profile pages a little more dynamic. Someone that does lots with Gifs gets links to that right up front, and someone visiting your profile gets that.


If you head over to and click on the 'your name' dropdown, you will see links to your wallpaper submissions, favorites, and ratings. I'm planning on doing this across all the sites. So it's easier to get to your saved content on the site you are on.

Please let me know if you like the direction of these changes, or if you do not like them. If the response is positive I will flesh it out and add the links everywhere.



10 months ago

Dreams never die

Hello Mr.Dw,

 i think Alpha Coders is alredy good now. No changes required. Just some bug fixes and feature request can be done.  Maybe for the sake of new users its useful adding quick links. But as you said regular users will find things easily.  

i aprove your changes. Add the links!!! 

P.S. Bring back the games section . Especially Berzerk Ball and Infectonator. 

10 months ago



Well I've been here for years and I love the changes, great work DW

10 months ago