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Thx for the reply Will do then

6 months ago
Go To Topic - Folder Icons

I want to upload folder icons and/or smileys under a CC0 License.


There are a bunch of other sites out there providing free icons - but it is (almost always) required to credit the author.

As much as I like to be credited, I find this unconvenient for other creators that do not focus primarily on folders in their works, yet using them.


So if someone were to create a youtube video with folder icons from different authors, he'd have to go through everyone and credit them, even if he's just ALT+TABBING to his desktop or some other directory for a second. 


I'd rather let people see what I created and ask about it, than not letting them see it at all, because the creator of the youtube video decided against using my icons as it was too much of a hassle to credit me.

And finally - I don't really like the other sites. Alpha Coders looks neat and clean. I've got my stuff here. It'd be more fulfilling to upload them here.

Sry for the long text, I know you got other stuff to do

7 months ago