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What about non-anime wallpapers? Do you have another tool for non-animated wallpapers?

I use Google Reverse Image search & for these.

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The filename is the ID of the content on our site, so to get the wallpaper you just need to replace the number in the url. 298552 That content is on Art Abyss now is was probably a dublicated and was moved there.

I have no idea if we have the original image but for anime the best tool to find the original image would be

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Hi thanks for replying~!


Ahh ok fair enough...


Oh cool thanks for that link - that'll definitely help out with future wallpapers! What about non-anime wallpapers? Do you have another tool for non-animated wallpapers? Because I'm not that one guy who only explicitly look for pretty anime backdrops, I do also like wallpapers on space, random wildlife, cars, flora, fauna, pretty girls(yes I'm a guy...and need to look at something pretty from the opposite gender once in a while... :P), etc....


From that link, it would appear the original image may have been drawn(or screenshotted) in 1600x1200, and any lower or higher are cropped or and upsampled/downsampled from you can see with your copy, the 1920x1080, the bottom part of the image is cropped compared to this image:, also your image seems to be more vivid too which of course I bet the uploader tried to make something different to distinguish it from the original as to prevent any copyright/plaguerism(however you spell that word)... or something.....


But of course without knowing the original source, we don't know where it was done on...actually the original may have came from here: or (yes apparently they have dubes...)....this could also be one too: Oooh, found a png format one:, actually the first chan result was png too....


Oh well I suppose one of these png images will do.....

1 year ago

For example with google, you could upload the image file and google find the or similar images you want, that either or not uses the ones you have as a base somewhere integrated into the images uploaded here.

I am looking for a specific wallpaper, my copy is filename 298552.jpg(supposedly renamed to at resolution to 1920x1200, rather than my 1920x1080), and according to this website, the original can be found on this site:


I would like the original artwork untouched, preferrably in a lossless image format like png if it came uploaded with it with its original resolution, whatever that is(could be 2560x1440 for all I know!) How do I go about searching for this particular image? I thought the image would fall under Sword Art Online, went through all 124 pages and nothing, even found some images that aren't supposed to be there too, such as pirates of the carribean screenshots...anyways, so I tried searching the filename up, I put 298552 into search bar and found nothing, then I put anime-girl-sword-wallpaper-9-k-hd-wallpaper which also found nothing and I'm not going to scour through the entire site just to look for this one image that may even be deleted now because that's gonna take forever!


Halp please!

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