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it´s because when i upload a picture Wallpaper, i want to upload at once many more but here, .... Ah, never mind.

1 year ago

Lordofgaleone - I know we talked via the chat a bit. Did that solve your issue?

Yes it did! Thanks!!!  :-)

1 year ago

Hi there!

I´d love to upload many more of my calligraph writings or the Galeones drawings that i´ve made but when i may only be capable of uploading one picture at a time, then i might as well leave it all together.

It´d be great when you´d make it much easyer to see, what one does and how many may be uploaded or may be in a way, like into facebook.

I´ve also noticed, that one needs to tag them as well, that´s not a problem but as i´ve taged them, i get days later some kind of confusing mail, that i don´t know what to do with it.

1 year ago