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Thank you, I didn't know t he 1920 thumb existed since the API docs make no mention of it. It works great.

7 months ago

Thanks for the answer. are you referring to the url_thumb url? It is not 1920px, as you can see:

7 months ago

Hello, I am talking about the developer's API, and there is no query parameter to request a resize, as you can see here for yourself:

7 months ago

Hello, I thinks the API is really good but it lacks an important thing: the ability to download a lower-res version of the wallpaper. Many wallpapers are huge (10000*10000) and take forever to load, especially on a mobile phone connection.

The "url_thumb" is too small and looks bad. Many APIs offer the possibility to request a smaller version of the same wallpaper, for example this wallpaper:

has a quite large resolution. It would be great if by using womething like

we could fetch the same wallpaper but in a much smaller (and faster to load) resolution. Thank you very much.

7 months ago

Hi, what about including the popular category ( in the API?

1 year ago